Welcome to CITIZENS FORUM, a SWATANTRA initiative.

This portal is exclusively to discuss the public related issues such as Civic Issues, Road Safety, Health Care and related topics. If you have an issue or question, post it here. We will forward it to the right authority to try & find a solution.

Note: This portal is only for public issue and NOT private issue. Only policy level issues and civic issues will be discussed INTELLECTUALLY. Corruption & Administrative issues WILL not be entertained.


  1. To register your grievance go to http://citizensforum.swatantramag.in/citizens-charter/ and post
  2. All your grievance / questions will be moderated for proper language and then will be published.
  3. CITIZENS FORUM team will TRY to forward this grievance / question to the right authority / department for corrective action. Answers / feedback, if any, will be published as and when we receive it.
  4. CITIZENS FORUM is a portal to bridge people & government to solve civic issues and other people;s problems in an intellectual way. This is just a means and we can not assure any solution.
  5. You may choose STATUS in the question [visibility] to Public or Admin. In the case of Admin, your details would not appear on this portal with regard to that particular question.
  6. To see all Questions  & Answers visit http://citizensforum.swatantramag.in/dwqa-questions/

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